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ОБЩАЯ СУММА ПРОЕКТА 350 000 000 евро (10 полноценных комплексов)


P.S. Рассмотрю только серьёзные предложения по существу.

€ 35


Россия, Московская облость

Специализация проекта


Тип проекта: Создание нового предприятия, старт-апТип инвестиций: СмешанныйСтадия проекта: Бизнес-идеяОкупаемость: 4 летКонкуренция: НЕТАудитория: ОБШИРНАЯ
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25 Июня 2013
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10 Июля 2013
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11 Августа 2013
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02 Сентября 2013
Dear Sir. This is Mr Ayuba K. Martins. l am interested in investing with your company and good organisation after reading your profile. l am interest to invest with you in partnership . The whole sum is 40,000,000 USD. in total. lf you are interested, You will need to visit us here, for the necessary things to be done, and official signing of agreement and transfering of the funds to your account overseas. The cost of transfering the funds shall be deducted from our funds by the bank here and in your place if such is the case over there too in your country. The partner will need to open a non residential account here in his / her name where the fund shall be deposited for smooth transfer in his / her account overseas, this is designed not to involve us with the international MONEY LAUNDRY ACT LAW. This is equally Gold bars 30kgs, Payment after Refinery in Accra Ghana, Price 37,000 usd. Gros, a kilo. FOB. Looking forward to hear from you soon. My Best Regards, Mr Ayuba Martins. DIRECT EMAIL; ayubamartins@gmail.com YOU CAN SPEAK WITH MY YOUNGER BROTHER ; COLE ZITTY MARTINS ; CONTACT ADDRESS ON SKYPE AT ; colezitty
30 Октября 2013
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